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Biltmore Title’s extended services include access to accounting, tax consulting and 1031 exchange services.

Biltmore Title understands the legal and tax complexity of investment real estate transactions with U.S. residents, as well as foreign nationals, and offers the following extended services:

Accounting and Tax Consulting Services

Biltmore Title offers access to accounting and tax consulting for residential and commercial clients. Investment real estate transactions benefit from an effective tax strategy which can reduce tax liability.  The strategy includes planning choice of ownership: individual, partnership, C Corporation, S Corporation, and Limited Liability Company.  Aside from tax consulting, they provide accounting services, prepare returns, assist in due diligence in the purchase of the property and other related services.

Having a tax advisor plan, work and analyze every stage of your investment plan can result in significant tax savings.

1031 Exchange

Biltmore Title offers access to 1031 exchange services.  If you exchange a business or investment property solely for a qualifying business or investment property of a like-kind, no gain or loss is recognized under Internal Revenue Code Section 1031.  Taxes for capital gains are not charged, to the seller, upon sale of a property if qualifying property is acquired.   The transaction has to be properly structured.  Biltmore Title can assist you in your 1031 exchange to ensure compliance with the Internal Revenue Code.


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