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Experience & Leadership in Title Services from South Florida's Premier Title Company

Biltmore Title’s primary focus is serving and protecting our clients and their real estate interests to ensure a smooth and speedy transaction.

Our professionals have long standing relationships with real estate, lending, and legal industries allowing us to diligently deliver quality closing, title insurance and escrow services for our esteemed clients. Biltmore Title continues to build on its established reputation, serving the needs of real estate buyers and sellers worldwide.

Biltmore Title offers its clients valuable experience and knowledge with the purchase or sale of real estate. As a premier real estate title insurance company, Biltmore Title provides title insurance services to support buyers and sellers in achieving their real estate goals, whether they are buying or selling a new home, vacation home, commercial, or investments real estate properties.

Our management team’s strength is comprised of dedicated professionals whose vast knowledge and breadth of expertise meet the expectations of our most demanding clients. Our team can assist in the complete real estate transaction process, from planning the purchase or sale, through the closing of the property. Our ability to respond to the needs of buyers and sellers is further enhanced by our capacity to provide these services to both United States and global customers.

Jose Riera | President

Mr. Riera has experience managing title and lending companies, as well as providing advisory services to realtors, lenders and title companies. Additionally he has provided tax advisory services to buyers and sellers, both local and foreign.  Mr. Riera’s knowledge and experience with local and global clients ensures that Biltmore Title’s clientele’s needs are met with professionalism and discretion. He is fluent in English and Spanish.

Yvonne Riera | Vice President

Mrs. Riera brings to Biltmore Title her leadership and experience in real estate title insurance operations. A relentless and dedicated professional, Mrs. Riera has worked with both local and global clientele with residential and commercial realty throughout South Florida. Mrs. Riera has detailed knowledge of real estate and an understanding of our local markets and customs within our communities. She is fluent in English and Spanish.

Biltmore Title has built its reputation for excellence though its uncompromising values, work ethic and by providing the community with the highest quality title, escrow and closing services. Nothing pleases us more than to protect our clients and to make their real estate experience a positive and rewarding process.


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About Biltmore Title

Biltmore Title’s primary focus is serving and protecting our clients and their real estate interests to ensure a smooth and speedy transaction that produces repeat business and referrals.


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Biltmore Title is committed to providing its clients the highest quality real estate services across multiple property types, including residential and commercial realty.


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Biltmore Title offers real estate services for buyers and sellers, including lien searches, land surveys, escrow services, residential and commercial loans, and short sales.


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