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For Buyers

Buying a property is an important decision, and traditionally, one’s most valuable investment.  Biltmore Title will safeguard your rights and interest to your property and will insure the transfer of ownership from fraudulent claims against your ownership, liens, and undisclosed heirs.

Biltmore Title provides title insurance which guarantees the buyer will receive the ownership interest that was negotiated and agreed upon, and that the transfer of ownership is completed with utmost expediency. It is the most effective, most accepted, and least expensive way to protect a buyer’s ownership rights.

For Sellers

Making sure your sale closes smoothly and efficiently is one reason to choose an established company with knowledge in the real estate process. Biltmore Title’s professional staff is there to make sure your needs are represented fully and accurately, and more importantly, in a timely manner.

Lien Search

As part of the property title research, Biltmore Title will have a lien search prepared on the property, which researches unrecorded property liens.  Included in this research are the following: real estate property taxes; open permits; municipal and county debts, code enforcements violations; and waste, water and sewer balances. Biltmore Title recognizes the need to ensure your property has no unrecorded liens or taxes due at closing.

Land Survey

In addition to the title research, Biltmore Title will order a land survey for your property. A land survey is a property diagram indicating legal boundaries, easements, and encroachments. The actual physical extent of the property is usually witnessed by monuments or markers.

Additionally the survey will show there are no structures encroaching on the property or your property structure does not encroach on your neighbor’s property. Biltmore Title will identify any potential problems on your survey and provide you peace of mind.

Escrow Services

As escrow agents Biltmore Title holds escrow deposits and all funds related to the real estate transaction.  We are responsible for the final settlement between the Buyer and Seller, the recording of the required documents, the payoff of the existing liens or mortgages, and the proration of real property taxes, lease rents, maintenance fees, and any other property expenses to ensure compliance and fairness.

Our staff perform all escrow services impartially, protecting both Buyer and Seller, and acting on their written instructions in dealing with lenders, attorneys, brokers, agents, and any other parties involved in the transfer of the property.

Residential and Commercial Loans

For clients who are financing the purchase or refinance of their property, Biltmore Title has experience in working with all levels of lending for residents and foreigners. We working closely with the client and the lender to ensure a smooth and timely closing

Types of Real Estate Properties

We can offer you title insurance for the following types of properties among others:

  • Primary Home / Residence
  • Custom-Built Home
  • Vacation or Second Home
  • Condominium / Townhouse
  • Oceanfront / Waterfront / Lakefront / Canal
  • Planned / Gated Communities
  • Condominium Conversion
  • Warehouse
  • Construction
  • Golf / Country Club
  • Ranch / Equestrian
  • Green Homes
  • Residential and Commercial Lot
  • Active Adult / Retirement Community

Post-Closing Support

Biltmore Title can provide the buyer and seller with post-closing support. At the closing, we educate the buyer and seller concerning the next steps. These can include an explanation of the documents you will receive from us after closing and avoiding unnecessary costs you will be presented with via advertisement. Additionally, we will inform the buyer on possible tax advantages related to the purchase of your property. Biltmore Title provides unconditional service allowing all parties involved to benefit from the transaction.

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Real Estate Services

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